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Who Killed Ickey?


Author Puzzle

Author George Albert Brown knows a thing or two about the true value of letters: after all, he took just 26 of them and crafted an entire novel that’s entertaining readers far and wide! Each of the letters below has a different value: can you fill in the blanks with the correct letters to form the name of another type of craftsman who delights people with their unique creations?


At the law offices of Urizen & Fallen, Bacon Urizen may be top dog, but his clients and legal opponents often find him reminiscent of another animal. Can you figure out from this cipher what his opponents think of his arguments?


The colored lights at Tharmas’ favorite club are on the fritz, and have him seeing red… then yellow… and finally blue! It’s making it hard for Tharmas to read the bar menu: can you figure out what he should ask for?


Rahab has a sweet tooth, so Halloween is one of her favorite holidays! Each of these word jumbles is a mixed-up candy brand that you’re likely to see on Halloween. Brands are listed in alphabetical order, but there’s one extra letter in each jumble! The missing letters spell out the answer, which is something you don’t want to get on Halloween, but might end up with anyway.



Beulah Vala dropped a scrap of paper, which was promptly torn up by her seeing-eye dog. Can you reassemble it and, more importantly, figure out the name of the dog?



When you complete this crossword, the gray squares will spell out one of the ways Dr. Ulro manages to keep himself together despite the wild situations he encounters in the book.



Ghostflea is driving investigator Ded Smith through a maze of alleyways in his signature hearse, but the only way out is to crash through a few walls. Luckily, that’s Ghostflea’s specialty!

However, Ghostflea can only crash through six orange dotted walls (and no black walls) before he wrecks the hearse beyond repair. Can you find the only possible route? The letters you pass through as you crash through the walls will spell out the answer, which is also the kind of driving lesson Ded got from Ghostflea.



Once you’ve removed all 11 FRAUDs, by reading the remaining letters in reading order (left to right and top to bottom), you’ll be able to see what the “fox fur” coat was actually made of.

Ickey Puzzle

As a poet, Ickey Jerusalem always knew how to find the perfect word to finish a line of verse. These lines may not be as poetic as his more famous works, but a true poet should easily be able to find the perfect words to complete them.