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Sept. 2023 – Jan 2024

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For the Treasure Hunt, secret clues are hidden in the book and everything else is online. Puzzles designed with casual players in mind. First 11 teams to solve the puzzle will win cash prizes.

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Warmup mini puzzles

Mini puzzles and draws run every 2 weeks Sept – Jan

! Mini puzzle draws prize of $50

! Chance at $5,000 bonus draw for Mini Puzzle solvers who participate in the Treasure Hunt

Even though our title—which was selected more than a year ago—isn't referring to the city of Jerusalem, but rather William Blake's 1820 epic poem Jerusalem, we want to acknowledge the tragic and horrific events that have been unfolding in Israel and Gaza in recent days. Our hearts go out to the victims and to those who have lost loved ones in the conflict.
Who Killed Jerusalem? is a murder mystery novel set in 1977, and like most murder mysteries, once the murderer is caught, the fictional bloodshed ends and the story becomes a thing of the past. The conflict in the Middle East, however, was present in 1977 and remains present nearly 50 years later.
The entire team behind the WKJ puzzles and treasure hunt hopes for a better future. To that end, we have made a donation to ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid), which has no political or religious affiliation, to support immediate emergency relief and assistance for displaced families in the region.

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