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Books Charming – 3 Stars The book is well-written, and the pacing is perfect. There were just the right number of twists and turns, in the end, to keep the reader engaged, but to reach there you need to read loads of offbeat philosophical discussions. In conclusion, it is a book that combines the best […]

Virginia – Netgalley – 3.5 Stars Icky Jerusalem is found suffocated in the restroom of a 747! Could this have been a suicide? He seemed to be a little distraught with his decision to cease his life’s work of crafting metaphysical poetry, but would that have caused him to commit suicide?   Being a poet laureate […]

Anna Maria – Netgalley – 4 Stars This is one of the craziest, fascinating, and entertaining book i read in a long time. A book that talks about the investigation about a poet who is writing Blake’s poems in the XXI century. If this is not weird enough the investigatore is even crazier.  I read […]

Janalyn – Goodreads OK “Who Killed Jerusalem?” This book is a laxadaisical journey into craziness! Vic Jerusalem was flying to California because if I’m understanding it right he was on a book tour for his poetry anthology. Some of this people are also on the plane with them like his blind secretary his agent, his […]

Joan – Netgalley – 4 Stars In 1977, Ickey Jerusalem, heralded as San Francisco’s golden boy, arrives on a 747 overnight flight . . . dead. Found in a locked, first-class toilet, the poet laureate, to all appearances, committed suicide. Ded Smith, an insurance investigator for the Olympian Life Insurance Company, joins San Francisco Police […]

Jan – Goodreads – 4 Stars The largest collection of improbably named characters I’ve seen in a while. The length is a bit daunting (not to be read continuously on a long car trip), but perfect for diving into at intervals (subway and such). Also, I did not find the humor to be of the […]

Writers and Authors Who Killed Jerusalem? is an immersive murder mystery that has it all. Combining the page-turning intrigue of a classic whodunnit with the literary genius of William Blake, the book is sure to keep you guessing until the very end. Set in 1970s San Francisco, this rollicking and humorous novel follows Ickey Jerusalem […]

Natalie – Netgalley – 4 stars This is a very strange book: from the characters’ names to the metaphysical theories, the story is at times funny, at times engaging, and at times totally confusing.  It is a murder mystery – if the reader can follow the plot line. The protagonist is an insurance adjuster named […]

Paty – Goodreads – 4 stars Ded, our main character, attends a flight where an unexpected murder happens. Ickey Jerusalem is found dead in the airplane’s toilets, suffocated and with a bag around his head. The door is locked from the inside so it initially seems like a suicide, but is it really? A series […]

Murder in Common – 4 stars Ickey Jerusalem is a noted poet in 1970s California. It’s somewhat incongruous then, when his body is discovered in an airplane toilet amid flight. Aboard the flight is Dedalus “Ded” Smith, recently divorced insurance claims adjuster. Sick over his divorce and tired to death of his dead end job. […]