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By George Albert Brown The introduction to Who Killed Jerusalem? states: It is Unnecessary to Know Anything about Blake While Who Killed Jerusalem? is a riff on William Blake’s work, it is not necessary to know anything about the real-life Blake nor his work to appreciate the story. Blake’s personality and life story bear no […]

By George Albert Brown Just about everyone can identify differences between “British English” and “American English” — but very few people know the way these differences came to be. We often think that the differences between British English and American English are due to changes made by the Americans. In fact, it’s often the other way […]

By George Albert Brown You are driving on a divided highway with two lanes on your side going the same direction. You are in the left of those two lanes. You can see that a mile or so ahead, due to highway construction, the left lane ends, requiring drivers in your lane to merge into […]

By George Albert Brown Researchers believe that snakes evolved from lizards separately perhaps thirty times. Each time, the evolution was aided by a common DNA mutation in the Zone of Polarizing Activity Regulatory Sequence, a regulatory region of the “Sonic Hedgehog Gene” (I kid you not) which is required for limb development.  Since limblessness evolved […]

By George Albert Brown Those people who think they know everything are so irritating to those of us who do. Except, that is, for my grown children. They not only know so much more than I do — at least about certain subjects — but are miraculously blessed with the ability to explain their ideas […]

By George Albert Brown On June 21, 1788, when the Constitution came into effect, there was no requirement that US voters be citizens. Believe it or not,  there still isn’t to this day. In colonial America, when Britain ruled the land, most colonies allowed non-British citizens to vote if they were residents of the colony. […]

By George Albert Brown Is your Dead Mommy in Heaven? Depends on whether or not you’re a Christian. If you are a Christian, the answer is definitely “No” — unless your mommy happens to be the Virgin Mary. The Christian New Testament is clear that when she isn’t the Virgin Mary, your mommy, like almost […]

By George Albert Brown Sorry, but viewed solely as a man, it wasn’t Jesus.  As a man, Jesus was a mere itinerant Jewish zealot who left behind some inspiring but occasionally garbled and contradictory parables.  Christianity is now the largest religion in the world, but the religion itself was chiefly created by those who came […]