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OK “Who Killed Jerusalem?” This book is a laxadaisical journey into craziness! Vic Jerusalem was flying to California because if I’m understanding it right he was on a book tour for his poetry anthology. Some of this people are also on the plane with them like his blind secretary his agent, his chauffeur and another man who is recently divorced bored and lonely. When Vic is found suffocated to death in the plain bathroom they don’t know if it’s suicide or murder? The police are called and this is what brings detective Otter to the case he is also friends with the lonely divorce New Yorker and this is why that gets involved with the case also. Now I’m not going to give a brief summary about details I’m going to give you an overall glimpse of the craziness that is this book from the funeral his slutty sister The inheritance people turning into insects have parts of the book that are not steeped in reality at all but what I will say this book as long as hell almost 20 hours long but once you start listening you will find it hard to stop. They also have parts of the book that feel like it’s going into sta nation but stick with it because the LOL moments are so worth it this book is based on William Blake and characters from his book if you’ve ever read one of his books then you can see the influence while listening to “who killed Jerusalem” even when I pause the book things I read made me laugh out loud this is a crazy piece of work and one I highly recommend. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a book by George Albert Brown before but I would absolutely read another. This book is very funny especially the funeral and his sister that made me laugh so much but I digress let me stop so you can get the book and enjoy it too I loved it! I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher but I am leaving this review voluntarily please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.